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Guard Mattress
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GUARD Mattress

It Protects You Even During Your Sleep.

This special mattress was designed by BedGo and developed entirely for human health. It has been designed considering you to the smallest detail, according to both the parameters of the human body and the habits and preferences of the individual. Thanks to the visco sponge and pocket spring system, it easily takes the shape of your body. Virase technology prevents the formation of viruses and bacteria.

Effective Protection
Against Viral Viruses with Guard-Virus Fabric Technology

GUARD Mattress helps fight the spread of viral infections by reducing viral activity on the mattress surface.


We use
best material for our valuable customer

Developed especially against viral infections that increase during the pandemic period, the viral fabric consists of special compounds developed in the laboratories of China and England and is used against viral infections. It has been determined according to the test results that it provides protection.