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Guard Mattress

Developed especially against viral infections that increase during the pandemic period, the viral fabric consists of special compounds developed in the laboratories of China and England and is used against viral infections. It has been determined according to the test results that it provides protection.

Wonder Mattress

Long-term use without changing the mattress top layer. One of the biggest problems in hotel beds is the bed top layer, which gets dirty and damaged quickly, and it reduces the feeling of comfort in terms of both hygiene and appearance. One of the points that many hotel customers pay attention to is the hygiene quality in the bed.

Dolphin Mattress

Thanks to its advanced technology, it detects the weight and movements of the body and distributes the pressure applied by the mattress to the surface. Thus, you will have an uninterrupted sleep with less rotation. It helps the body provide the spine support it needs and prevents the material used in the upper layers from deforming. Provides long-lasting use.

Prisma Mattress

Both sides of your mattress offer the advantage of two-sided use with different orthopedic properties. Tough if you need it or You may prefer to sleep on the softer side.

Konfor Topper

Our product, which is made of special sponge for more air flow and breathability, is also machine washable thanks to its polyester cover and provides maximum comfort all night long. Available in a variety of sizes.

Foldable Bed

Our foldable beds offer you practical solutions for your guests and guests. The foldable bed base consists of a bed and a slatted foldable metal profile frame. While the wheeled main frame allows easy positioning, it can be easily mounted thanks to its mechanism.

Hotel Mattress

OUR LUXURY HOTEL MATTRESS COMBINES SPRING AND MEMORY FOAM FOR A PERFECT SLEEP Hotels have to be up on their mattress game, finding new and exciting developments in the luxury mattress world before anyone else does. As a discerning consumer, it’s your job to find this type of comfort too. In that regard, we have a mattress that is hits on all of these fronts — with the luxury of a hotel mattress at a fraction of the price. Our luxury mattress offers a hybrid of memory foam, create the ultimate sleep experience. It utilizes the best of both worlds by creating a mattress that is supportive and comfortable but also never overheats.


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